Excel Me English



GCSE English Tuition

Our online small groups and one-to-one classes for Key Stage 4 are designed to ensure that students grasp all GCSE topics in English language and literature and help strengthen their key skills. The lessons will also prepare students for their exams with plenty of practice and revision of exam techniques which is fundamental to their success.

Weekly updates and resources are provided as well as in-depth marking and feedback. Every six weeks, assessments are given with feedback and targets. These small, customised classes are taught by an AQA examiner with 14 years of experience teaching English.

3 Day Non Fiction Writing: Exam Workshop

3 day intensive – This course enables students to gain confidence by developing their creativity through short story writing. Students will write using a stimulus such as, videos and audio sounds. They will also learn to utilise vivid, metaphorical language techniques. Build an essential vocabulary bank and understand how to punctuate for effect.

3 Day Problematic Poetry: Exam Workshop

This course is designed to support students who struggle with poverty and will inspire and motivate students to recognise and examine the key devices of structure, language and form within a collection of unseen poems. Students will develop their poetry skills by learning how to identify and respond to questions using relevant exam techniques and models. Comparative poetry will also be taught by using tailored exam techniques.

KS2 and KS3 English Tuition

With a proven track record of high achievement, these online KS2 and KS3 classes are designed to boost students’ confidence and grades, by enhancing their knowledge of reading & comprehension, creative writing and grammar & vocabulary. Students will focus on all aspects of English Literature and English Language whilst learning solid structures and exam techniques to support their learning. 

3 Day Intensive GCSE Shakespeare

This course is designed to boost students’ confidence, by enhancing their knowledge of Shakespeare. This online class will enrich and develop students’ critical interpretation by gaining an in-depth contextual understanding of the play. Students will also learn to unravel the themes, characterisation as well as language, form and structure within the play. Students will complete past papers with detailed marking.